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April 2016

Without Price Suppression Gold Would be $5,000 to $10,000 - Bill Holter

Silver, More Rare Than the Market Understands - Keith Neumeyer

Biggest Risk For Gold Investors Is To Not Be Invested - Jordan Roy-Byrne

Gold & Silver Up as Dollars will be Dumped in Hyperinflation - Gregory Mannarino

As Gold & Silver RISE... Mining Shares SKYROCKET - Max Porterfield

Doug Casey Reveals his Top Gold Stock

Gold And Silver Are Units Of Wealth - Gregory Mannarino

Central Bankers Pushing For Wealth Confiscation And A Global Tax

RON PAUL: Dollar Collapse, Political Corruption & Protecting Liberty

Market Update: Gold, Silver And The End Of The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In History

Why are Russia and China Buying Gold? Tons of It! - William Engdhal

What Happens If Everybody Pulls Their Money Out Of The Bank Today? - Mike Maloney

Why Own Silver? Stick With Gold Says Geologist

China Is Now On Course To Shift Away From The Dollar

SILVER BREAKS OUT Amidst Global Economic CHAOS - Andy Hoffman

We Are Living In an Environment Where Nothing Is Real - Gregory Mannarino

We are now in the next Great Gold Rush - Jim Deeds

Bad News, The Newly Released Economic Data Forecasts A Collapse

BUSTED: How The World's Largest Banks Rigged Gold & Silver Prices - Mike Maloney

Welcome to Dystopia Episode 19 w/Bill Murphy: GATA Vindicated BUT Deutsche Bank a Limited Hangout

Silver Outshining Gold? Is Metal Signaling a Global Economic Turnaround

Confirmed, Feds QE Plan Was To Push Stocks Higher Not Help The US Economy

Gold/Silver Price Rigging Admitted by Deutsche Bank, Canada Sues - Craig Hemke

Imminent Crash To Far Exceed 2008! Gold $2,000 Right Around the Corner - Gerald Celente


Gold Bear Market Over; Headed For $1,350/oz - Phil Newman

Silver & Gold - DB Turns States Evidence, The Flood Gates Are Now Open! - Craig Hemke

Dollar Devaluation Clock About to Strike Midnight - Rob Kirby

Sprott Silver Purchase Perfect Timing? - David Morgan

Confirmed, The Banking System Has Been Manipulating The Precious Metals Market

Gren Thomas: Mining Legend Talks Rare Earths, Diamonds, and Gold

Bankers & Finance Ministers Around The World Are Attending Emergency Meetings In D.C.

Bail-Ins Are Here: Banks Have Less Than HALF A CENT For Each Dollar - Mike Maloney

Gold’s Current Market a 1970’s Deja vu Times 10

Economic Collapse Indicators Are Now Coming Together To Form A Perfect Storm

Gold & Silver Regain Investment Dominance Amid Stagflation - Nico Pantelis

Gold, Silver Hit 3-Week Highs As Speculators Say “More Room To Run” - Frank Holmes

The Probability Of The Economic Collapse Happening This Year Is Increasing - Chris Martenson

You'll See Mining Stocks go 10 to 20X Higher in This Gold/Silver Bull Market! - Bill Murphy

Yellen & Obama Have Closed Meeting As The Economic Recovery Illusion Disintegrates

The April Emergency The Fed Doesn't Want You To Know About - Mike Maloney

East has More Gold, About to Takeover Price Fixing in Gold/Silver - Bill Holter

Sprott Monthly Market Update with Rick Rule

Triple Digit Silver In 2 Years? - Keith Neumeyer

Silver $100+ as China & East Takeover Price Fixing Starting April 19 - Bill Murphy

Silver: One Investor Away From Implosion

The Economic Recovery Mirage Is Fading Fast

Precious Metals Video Update: Gold & Gold Stocks Bullish Consolidation

The Demonization Of Gold Is Being Used To Keep People From Acquiring It

Gold $10,000 to $50,000 per Ounce - James Rickards

Federal Reserve Won't Stop Printing $$$ - Dr. Marc Faber

The Economy Has Just Been Downgraded Again

Don't Be Fooled, U.S. Dollar Still Key Player For Gold: Veteran Trader

The Economic Crack Up Boom Is Coming, And It Will End Disastrously - John Rubino

Panama Leak is No Surprise; Confirms That Gold is Money – U.S. Global Investors CEO

Gerald Celente Discusses Election-Year, Middle East, European Chaos and GOLD!

Central Banks Admit When The World Suffers They Thrive And Profit

What Is The Yield Curve Suggesting For Markets? - Mike Maloney

QE: Dollar's Death Sentence - Jim Willie

Strong Silver Sales, and what the Banksters Might Be Plotting Next

2018-SDR World Currency Backed with Gold - Jim Rickards

Biblically Bad Economic Crash Coming - Bo Polny

So, Where is The COLLAPSE? - Bill Holter

Global Financial System Needs Golden Anchor? - James Rickards

The Collapse Continues, US Companies Announced The Most 1Q Layoffs Since 2009

March 2016

ZIRP/QE Destruction, Police State, Prognosis for Gold and Silver & more - Jim Willie

The Economy Is Exponentially Riskier Than 2008, The Crash Will Be Something We Never Seen Before

Market Update: An Age Of Deception And Fraud

Frank Holmes Is This Move in Gold for Real?

Even If Pressured, Gold Won’t Fall Below $1,150 in 2016

The US Dollar Is a Shadow Gold Currency-The New Case for Gold - Jim Rickards

$20 Oil, $100 Silver & 10,000 Dow Jones - Steve St. Angelo

The World Economy Is Drifting Into A Full Blown Collapse

Horrific Economic Data & Gold Cartel Losing Control - Andy Hoffman

Silver Update with The Doc

World Market Crash Coming from Extreme Debt Cycle - Gregory Mannarino

Why the U.S. Can't Have Nice Things Like China Does - Dan Collins

Central Bank Is Losing Control Of The Economy As More Indicators Point To A Collapse

The Rally is Over, Crash to 6,000 Dow by 2017 - Harry Dent

Stock Market Crash: Is The Top In? - Mike Maloney

When You Start to See THIS...The World Will WAKE UP to Gold & Silver!

Warning: The US Economy Is Projected To Crash In The Next 2-3 Months - Jeff Nielson

Gold - Fantastic Run in 2016-2017 - Marin Katusa

Neoconservatives Driving World to War - Paul Craig Roberts

Give Me Money, I’ll Keep Buying Gold - Frank Holmes

Economic Recovery Illusion Is Coming To An End

Silver Rally, Economic Collapse and Donald Trump - Jeff Nielson

Just When You Thought The Manipulation Couldn't Get Any Worse - Andrew Hoffman

Hold On To What You Have This Economic Collapse Is Going To Be A Rough One

Gold, Silver & The Final Currency War - Andy Hoffman

World Going Into Decline - Egon von Greyerz

A Depression Is Coming, Whether It Be Hyperinflationary or Deflationary - Michael Pento

Bubbles Are About To Pop As Smart Money Leaves The Market

Gold/Silver Price Rally will be Biblical, Stackers will Make Incredible Wealth - Bo Polny

Nothing Has Changed The Global Economic Problems Are Hidden In The Shadows

Watch for Gold Dip in April then Skyrocket Summer & Fall - Eric Hadik

Silver Price will be the Nuclear Bomb for the Markets to Crash - Bo Polny

2016 Crash Spells Another Breakout for Gold & Silver - Don Durrett

Oil, Gold & The Collapse of Central Banking - Chris Martenson

It Could Blow at Any Time, Worldwide Market Collapse - Michael Noonan

Coming Revelation Will Drive Gold & Silver Dramatically Higher - Rob Kirby

We've Past Peak Oil & Silver - Payback Time? - Jason Burack

We Kill Each Other For PAPER

Cartel Tries to Paint the Tape Right Off Huge Move in Gold!

Fear In The Economy Reaches An All Time High

China May Have Over 4,000 Tons of Hidden Gold Reserves! - Jeff Nielson

We are Leaving the Eye of the Hurricane! - Doug Casey

US Economy Is Tumbling Into An Economic Collapse That Will Shock The World

The Price of Gold Should Be Double - Bill Murphy

Trends In The News - "TREND ALERT: Banksters Murder Main Street. Will Gold Glow?"

Everything Is Awesome Right Before The Entire Economy Collapses

Gold Flows East - Silver Follows

The Market Looks Alot Like 2008, Which Means Only One Thing A Crash - Craig Hemke

Best Bet for Gold? U.S. Global CEO says This Candidate Sticks Out

The Central Bankers Manipulate The Economy As It Contracts Into A Collapse

Why the Gold Price is About to go Ballistic: China

Global Currency Depreciation Derby-Gold Big Winner - Michael Pento

What's Going On With Gold & Silver?

ECB Fires Monetary Bazooka, Markets Unimpressed

The End of the Debt Supercycle - Colossal Market Crash Ahead! - Etai Friedman

Draghi's Bazooka Backfires, Gold Explodes

Gold & Silver - The Elites Have Decimated the Country - Michael Noonan

The Economic Bubbles Are Leaking And Once They Pop, Game Over - Wolf Richter

First Negative Yield Non-state Issue in Euroland

Fundamentals Lining Up For Higher Gold Prices - Pershing Gold CEO

The Economy Is Contracting As Americans Are Laid Off For Part-time Jobs

The Gold Is GONE! - Mike Maloney

Will Gold Go Parabolic? - Nick Santiago

IMF Calling For Immediate Action Before The Global Economy Completely Collapses

Gold, Silver and Electronic Currencies - Daniel Ameduri

System Already Failed & Coming Apart - Gregory Mannarino

Demand For Physical Gold/Silver Will Break The System - Craig Hemke

Why Silver, Not Gold, Is The Ultimate Safe Haven - David Morgan

Too Late To Jump On The Gold Bandwagon? - Rick Rule

Gold Running Out & EuroZone Breakup - Alasdair Macleod

Central Banks Out of Bullets: THE GOLD BULL IS BACK

We Really Need To Flush Out The System - Louis Cammarosano

Gold Breaks Out! Silver to Follow? - David Morgan

There Is No Other Way To Say It, The Economy Will Crash This Year - Bo Polny

Is the COMEX Finally Breaking this Year? - Craig Hemke

2016 Crash Will be Worse than 2008, History Will Remember This - Gerald Celente

Some Juniors Have More Gold in the Ground than you Can Fathom! - Marin Katusa

Governments And Central Banks Are Losing Control - James Turk

Precious Metals Market Update - Gold & Gold Stocks Breakout

Secret Dollar Buyback - Rob Kirby

Time Is Short, Get Your Affairs In Order Now, Before The Economic Collapse

Jim Rickards on The Fed as Earnings Weaken Further

The U.S. Fed Doesn’t See What is Going On in the Real World

Continued Increase in Silver Eagle Buying - Steve St. Angelo

The US Empire Is Collapsing, It's Time For Solutions - David Morgan

Precious Metals: The Achilles Heel of Our Financial System - Rob Kirby

First Majestic's Neumeyer Hasn't Seen This In 30 Years

Financial Bubbles Begin To Pop All Over The World

DOLLAR WEAKNESS & GOLD RUSH 2016 - Alasdair MacLeod

Gold and Silver Shortages Coming This Year - Andy Hoffman

Jim Rickards on Gold in a Deflationary Zero-Rate World

Hedging Against CATASTROPHE - Greg Mannarino

Gold to Double, Silver Triple in 2016 - Bo Polny

Why Has the Gold/Silver Ratio Exploded?

February 2016


"The Whole System Can Blow!" BIG Moves Ahead For Gold & Silver?

Trader Dan Norcini Turns Bullish, Says “You’re Nuts” If You Don’t Own Gold

Eric Sprott: Silver is The Dark Horse

Mass Awakening Followed By Chaos - Bix Weir

Jim Willie Warns End Game Is Underway - Gold & Silver To Be Pushing $10,000 & $400 By End of 2017!

Precious Metals Video Market Update: More Short-Term Upside?


Gregor Gregersen: Singapore Gold Dealer - Why Bullion Secured P2P Lending is Safer than Bank Credit

More Countries Are Turning To Their Own Currencies As The US Economy Disintegrates

Precious Metals & Mining Stocks About to Rally Hard!

"My God, The Banks Are PLANNING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY" - Andy Hoffman

Hope Collapses As 1 In 4 Americans Are On The Verge Of Their Own Economic Collapse


Real Economic Activity Grinding To a Halt - Michael Snyder

NIRP & The Coming Cash Ban Will Send Gold Supernova - V

Marc Faber on Cashless Society Insanity and Why Wall Street Hates Gold

US Manufacturing Economy Is Collapsing Quickly

All About Silver - Louis Cammarosano

Negative Rates & RISING Gold Just a Taste of What's Coming - Ivan Bebeck

Negative Rates Guaranteed Loss-Buy Gold - Bill Holter

Trends In The News - "Market Woes, Gold Glows"

Gold/Silver, Are We In Bear or Bull Market Now!

Silver Has Not Confirmed Gold Breakout Yet - Mike Maloney

Exclusive Interview with Keith Neumeyer on Metals, Mining, and Manipulation

The US Goverment Recovery Just Went Down The Drain

The Bankers' War Against Humanity Accelerates - Jason Burack

Silver at the Tipping Point - Bill Murphy

The Economy Is Hanging By A Thread And It's About To Break

Gold Performance In Deflation - Mike Maloney & Harry Dent

The Economy is Failing All Over The World - David Haggith

Making the Most of the Bull Market in Gold - Jordan Roy-Byrne

Can BitGold Become Bigger & Better than Pay Pal? - Darrell MacMulling

$50 Silver: When Do We See It?

The Gold & Silver Manipulators Are At The End Of Their Rope - Bill Murphy

Paper Assets Evaporate in 2016 Leave Gold & Silver Standing - James Turk

The Quickening / The Economic Collapse Accelerating - Jim Willie

Swiss Fund Manager Says End of the Gold Bear Market - Florian Siegfried

The World Economic Climate Index Indicates The Global Economy Is Heading Into A Storm



Stocks Cut in Half & Gold Doubles in 2016 - Bo Polny

We Hit an Inflection Point - Eric Dubin

LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was Cartel’s ONE LAST SHOT to Grab Physical Silver!

Central Banks Pushing Negative Rates For 100% Control Of Your Money And Life

China Confronts Western Thieves Led By Soros - Jeff Brown

David Morgan Interviews Bayhorse Silver Inc.

The Market Is Starting Crack Under The Economic Collapse Pressure

BREAKING UPDATE: Global Financial Panic — Andy Hoffman

Gold Prices On Course For Longest Winning Streak Since 2011 - Frank Holmes

Indian 2015 Silver Demand in One Word: GARGANTUAN!

Tough Times Ahead: Bad News For Fed, Good News For Gold - Jim Grant

Countries Are Faking Their Stats To Keep The Economic Recovery Illusion Alive

Collapse and No 2016 Election - Bix Weir

Gold Will Smell Blood of Negative Rates - Peter Schiff

Gold Awakens from a Three Year Coma

"Natural" For Gold Futures To Ease After Rocket Rally

European Banks Are Crashing Which Will Light The Economic Collapse Fuse


Trends In The News - "Economic "Death Spiral": The Panic Is On!"

This Economic Crash Will Be The Crash That Ends All Crashes

The Controlled Demolition of Our Economy - Brandon Smith

Has Gold Bottomed? Part2 - Global Production Crisis

Big Story in 2016...the Dollar - James Turk

China & East Will Take Control of Gold Price to End West's Manipulation

Accelerating Events and Disclosures - Jim Willie

Gold's Disposition

Has Gold Bottomed? Part1

Economic Data Shows Obama Peddling Fiction - Gregory Mannarino

COMEX Bled DRY of Gold! - James Turk

Gold: Commodity or Currency? How Much of Your Portfolio Should be in Precious Metals?

Nothing Can Stop COLLAPSE 2016 - Bo Polny


Gold and Silver Update with The Doc

2 hours with Jim Willie

Is A Financial Crisis Being Covered Up? 20 Billion Gone From Fed Capital Account

What We Are Experiencing Now Is The Death Of Fiat Currency

Gold Up 6%, Bulls Now Look To $1,150 Level - Jim Wyckoff

US Debt Rises To 19 Trillion While The US Economic Freedom Falls To 11th Place

98% Decline in COMEX Registered Gold Over 10 Years - Craig Hemke

Gold and Silver: Exploding Demand/Diminishing Supplies - Louis Cammarosano

COMEX Gold: Two Reasons It Is At RECORD LOWS

Gold Repriced at End of Contraction Phase - Hugo Salinas

Is A 2008-2011 Scenario In The Cards For Gold? - Peter Hug

Trends In The News - "BOJ's Cheap Money Drugs Juice Markets" - Gerald Celente

Financial Armageddon This Year - Andy Hoffman

We Are Nearing the End - David Stockman

January 2016

HISTORIC: London Silver Fix Breaks - JANUARY 28, 2016

Gold vs. Oil, Equities…& Lumber?

Trends In The News - "Draghi’s Money Fix Fails" - Gerald Celente

You're Witnessing The Credit Structure Unwinding - Bill Holter

Gold Hits Peter Hug’s Key Point Of $1,122

Home Delivery IRA Gold & Silver ~ Metals Debit Card ~ Get Your Assets Out

Global Banking System in Bear Market - Gerald Celente


China And Russia Are Preparing For A Bankrupt US Financial System

Who Are The Huge Gold Buyers Entering The Market? - Mike Maloney

Epic Comex Silver Bleed Accelerates AGAIN, As Stackers Advance on the Enemy

The Coming Perfect Storm In Silver - Steven St. Angelo

Devastating Metastasizing Global Depression On its Way - Michael Pento

7 Things Silver Stackers & Gold Bugs Should Know About the Precious Metals Market

Gold Being Gold. "It’s Doing a Good Job Right Now" – Axel Merk

Time To Worry, Financial Talking Heads Not Forecasting A Global Collapse

No Other Time in History the World This Vulnerable to Complete Collapse - Andy Hoffman

We Have Been In The Economic Collapse And It's Going To Get Much Worse

The Greatest Crisis in the History of Mankind is here! - Michael Maloney

The Economy Is Failing And This Collapse Will Be Much Worse Than 2008

Silver to Be Unleashed - Andy Hoffman

The Precious Metals Backed Debit Card - Dale Olmstead

Dollar Takes Significant Hit - John Williams

How Silver and Gold Can Protect Purchasing Power Today (A Canadian Prespective)

You Can’t Handle The Truth - 2 Part Interview with Jim Willie

2016 Market Crash Explained In 1 Chart - Mike Maloney

Triple Digit Silver is Coming - Keith Neumeyer


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