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We Hit an Inflection Point - Eric Dubin

By: (February 13th, 2016)
I sat down with Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors to discuss the gold and silver market on Thursday Feb. 11, 2016. Eric is one of the best analyst around. He doesn’t pull punches and speaks straight. His long term analysis has been pointing to this time frame and the recent unfolding events. I wanted to get caught up on what is happening, how he sees the current events effecting tomorrow and what we should do to better protect ourselves.
During our conversation Eric must have used the words “inflection point” close to a dozen times. We must know where have been in order to know where we are headed. If our history is clouded our path to the future will be equally as clouded and we may see the past several days as “just another day”.

LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was Cartel’s ONE LAST SHOT to Grab Physical Silver!

By: (February 13th, 2016)
On a Week Which Saw Gold Explode For its Largest Gain in 16 Years & the Global Financial Markets on the Brink of Complete Contagion, Dave Kranzler Joined the Show to Break Down All of the Action:
* Gold Explodes to $1263: Has the 3rd Leg in the Massive Secular Bull Market Begun?
* LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was the Cartel’s Last Gasp Silver Grab in Desperate Effort to Avoid Default!
* Lines Around the Block to Buy Gold – And This Financial Crisis Isn’t Even Underway!
* “Insanely Cheap“: Kranzler Predicts Silver Will Be the TRADE OF THE DECADE.
* 200% Premiums? Kranzler Warns the Looming Shortage in Physical Silver Coins and Bars Will Be Massively Worse Than We Saw in 2015!

Central Banks Pushing Negative Rates For 100% Control Of Your Money And Life

By: (February 13th, 2016)
Greece slides back into a recession. French, Italian and German output falls. Retail sales increase more than expected until you look closely at the data which shows it was manipulated. Business to inventory signalling a recession.The central bankers are pushing negative interest rates to control your purchases and your life.Canada sells half of its gold holdings.

China Confronts Western Thieves Led By Soros - Jeff Brown

By: Shadow of Truth (February 12th, 2016)
Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall interviews Jeff Brown (in Beijing).

David Morgan Interviews Bayhorse Silver Inc.

By: David Morgan, (February 12th, 2016)
David Morgan of the Morgan Report interviews Graeme O’Neill, president & CEO Bayhorse Silver Inc. at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference in January of 2016.

The Market Is Starting Crack Under The Economic Collapse Pressure

By: (February 12th, 2016)
Initial claims slowly inching up and the corporate media says there is no sign of layoffs. Trump says he thinks the unemployment rate is closer to 42%. Baltic Dry Index holding steady at 290. BoA goes long on gold, line form in London to purchase gold. Obama's recovery results in a loss of 16.5 trillion in equities.FATCA cost 1 trillion to implement but on brought in 13 billion. Deutsche bank is now mimicking Leeman, does not look good. Zika being blamed for global economic slowdown.

BREAKING UPDATE: Global Financial Panic — Andy Hoffman

By: (February 11th, 2016)
This is a breaking economic and precious metals update from SGT Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin helps us frame up the severity of today’s global economic picture: “There is going to be nothing left that the bankers can do except create hyperinflation. That’s their only tool left. This is the end game.”

Gold Prices On Course For Longest Winning Streak Since 2011 - Frank Holmes

By: Kitco News (February 11th, 2016)
Gold hit a 12-month high of $1,247 an ounce on Thursday as a spooked world marketplace prompted safe-haven demand for the metal. Analysts are suggesting that on a near-term technical basis, the recent price action has been very impressive and significantly bullish. ‘Gold prices peaked at $1,900 per ounce in September 2011. It was the end of a spectacular, decade-long bull market, during which the precious metal’s value increased a phenomenal 645 percent,’ explains Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors. ‘Since then, gold has struggled to regain momentum as an ever-climbing stock market has drawn more and more affection from investors. But after posting three straight years of losses, it looks ready to shake off this trend,’ he explains in an interview with Kitco News.

Indian 2015 Silver Demand in One Word: GARGANTUAN!

By: (February 11th, 2016)
Friends, this week, we take a renewed look at the fresh silver demand figures coming out of India…
Now, India has been setting records in silver buying since 2013, and this year, they’ve not failed to disappoint to do so again.

Tough Times Ahead: Bad News For Fed, Good News For Gold - Jim Grant

By: Kitco News (February 11th, 2016)
All eyes were on Fed chair Janet Yellen’s testimony before Congress Wednesday to see if current financial conditions will delay the central bank’s tightening cycle. Investment guru and publisher of popular newsletter Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Jim Grant, says this may be the case as tough times lie ahead for the Federal Reserve. During her testimony, Yellen told the House of Representatives' Financial Services Committee that current global economic troubles and the recent selloff in equities could affect the U.S. economy, raising the prospects of a delay in rate hikes this year. The first rate hike in December, Grant continues, was done merely out of obligation so markets wouldn’t lose credibility in the Fed. 'It turns out that it was perhaps the right idea at exactly the wrong time because what followed was kind of a deflationary vortex in the world’s financial and debt markets, and perhaps in the world’s economy,’ he tells Kitco News.

Countries Are Faking Their Stats To Keep The Economic Recovery Illusion Alive

By: (February 11th, 2016)
Australia admits they lied about the stellar job numbers after the media called them out on it. Baltic Dry Index down to 290, global trade is freezing up. Profits at the largest shipping company completely collapsed. Deutsche bank stock was pushed up by the rumor the ECB will monetize the banks. Negative rates are being pushed to put small banks out of business.Iran is prepared to accept a 100 billion dollars worth of business.

Collapse and No 2016 Election - Bix Weir

By: Elijah Johnson, (February 11th, 2016)
- Why is it taking so long for the "Good Guys" to crash the system?
- Who will be the losers during the crash?
- The "Bad Guys" and their secret plans for 2016.
- No presidential election in 2016?
- War on United States soil?
- What would be the "New World Order".
- How much will silver be worth in the future?

Gold Will Smell Blood of Negative Rates - Peter Schiff

By: Greg Hunter, (February 10th, 2016)
Financial expert Peter Schiff gives a gold update and says, “The price of gold is going to skyrocket, and it’s going to go up so much more than this because we are just getting started. What is really going to power the rise is not only are we going into a recession in the U.S., but it’s going to be an inflationary recession. When the dollar tanks, because the Fed doesn’t raise rates, then consumer prices are going to take off, and they’re going to rise so rapidly there is going to be no way the government is going to be able to hide them. . . . We are going to start to see inflation rates, annual inflation rates well north of the Fed’s 2% target level. They are not going to do anything to rein in inflation because it’s impossible. Gold is going to sense this. It’s going to smell blood. You’ve got a lot of people who are shorting the gold market. They are going to get crushed.”

Gold Awakens from a Three Year Coma

By: McAlvany Financial (February 10th, 2016)
*Have Gold Mining Shares signaled a bottom?
*The last two paper manipulations have failed to slow Gold’s rise.
*Negative Rates for All: The next Central Bank weapon.

"Natural" For Gold Futures To Ease After Rocket Rally

By: Kitco News (February 10th, 2016)
Gold futures ended near steady after their best finish since mid-June. The metal ended the U.S. day session with some mild profit-taking pressure and some technical chart consolidation. This comes following Monday’s strong rocket rally that pushed prices to an eight-month high just above $1,200 an ounce. April Comex gold rose 70 cents, or less than 0.1%, to settle at $1,198.60 an ounce, tallying a total gain of more than 6% in five sessions. The yellow metal spent much of the session trading lower after prices rose 3.5% on Monday. ‘It’s natural that a market like gold, with a $40 dollar up move, have a bit of a pullback,’ says Phil Streible, senior market strategist for RJO Futures. Speaking with Kitco News, Streible says that $1,200 is a key resistance level, so many traders will look to book profits at that level, ‘thinking it will take two to three times, to test that level before breaking through,’ he explains. Streible adds that if gold manages to break through $1,228, then ‘sky’s the limit’ for the metal, with a possible $1,250 - $1,300 scenario.

European Banks Are Crashing Which Will Light The Economic Collapse Fuse

By: (February 10th, 2016)
US retail sales fell by 2.6% in first week of February.Wholesale to inventory sales flashing depression, collapse!! Baltic Dry Index down to 291. Obama's final budget is 4.1 trillion dollars which he doubled the number of taxes on the people. European banks are crashing and this will light the fuse and spread the economic collapse throughout the world. German minister says everything is fine in the Deutsche Bank. Jim Rogers warns we are done, the entire system is about to implode, prepare yourself.


By: (February 10th, 2016)
Remember that "collapse" we've been telling you is coming? Well, sure looks like it's here. And Deutsche Bank and its $55+ TRILLION in derivatives is leading the charge. In fact, Andy Hoffman says, DEUTSCHE BANK IS ON THE VERGE OF TAKING DOWN THE ENTIRE GLOBAL MONETARY SYSTEM. Bix Weir from Road to Roota is back to help us break down the latest, and remind us that aside from PHYSICAL gold and silver in hand, none of us "own" what we think we do.

Trends In The News - "Economic "Death Spiral": The Panic Is On!"

By: Gerald Celente, (February 9th, 2016)
A lackluster US jobs report is released, Citi Group says “the world economy is trapped in a death spiral” & since the ECB's Mario Draghi attended the Davos meeting on January 21st, 2016 Gold has gone up $74 an ounce.

This Economic Crash Will Be The Crash That Ends All Crashes

By: X22Report Spotlight (February 9th, 2016)
Today's Guest: Andrew Hoffman.

The Controlled Demolition of Our Economy - Brandon Smith

By: (February 9th, 2016)
I wanted to sit down with Brandon Smith, Alt-Market, for a very specific reason. Brandon is one of very few people that stuck to his analysis and said the Federal Reserve would in fact raise interest rates in December 2015. Not only did he say that the interest rate rise would happen, he predicted almost the exact date. Brandon made this prediction in August 2015 based on his analysis of what the global banksters have published, have said publicly and proven time and again through their actions they do what they say when they say they are going to do it.
This was an important interest rate adjustment, at a very important time. Our world is floating on an ocean of debt. The global economy is either in a recession or full blown depression. It is not in recovery nor will it be in recovery ever again. The dollars days are numbered and the American economic and financial systems days are numbered. Are you prepared for the transition into a new currency, a new economic system and a new way of life?
Let’s listen in to Brandon Smith as he explains what the global banking criminals have been telling us about their plans to steal your wealth, implode the current U.S. dollar system and move to their next wealth generating scheme.

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