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World Economies Imploding, QE4 Ahead, Gold Market Turnaround - Andy Hoffman

By: Elijah Johnson, (March 27th, 2015)
- Economic outlook is bright?
- The markets will force the Fed to start QE4.
- BRICS nations' economies imploding.
- How will the crashing oil prices affect the U.S. economy?
- Where are precious metals headed?

Gold & Silver Stocks Will Rise Again!

By: Gary Christenson, (March 27th, 2015)
The XAU is an index of gold and silver stocks. It has been hammered hard since the gold and silver peaks in 2011.
The XAU bottomed in November 2014 below 62 at a 14 year low, down approximately 73% from its 2011 high at approximately 230. As of Friday March 20 it closed at 69.27.
I suspect that most investors gave up – long ago – on gold, silver and their stocks. Good! The upcoming multi-year rally will be a surprise and should move the XAU index beyond the 2011 highs.

WGC Cautions Against Common Gold Wisdoms

By: Lawrence Williams, (March 27th, 2015)
‘Gold falls as the dollar rises’ and ‘US interest rate rises are bad for gold’ are two seemingly accepted wisdoms which may not be entirely correct as a new WGC analysis points out.


By: Andrew Hoffman, (March 27th, 2015)
By my estimation, the “official starting point” of the government’s commandeering of financial markets was September 17, 2001, when stocks were blatantly supported upon re-opening after the 9/11 attacks. Since then, the level of manipulation has gradually expanded – often, via PPT “trial balloons” following dramatic events like the Enron and Worldcom bankruptcies a year later. All along, the gold Cartel was doing its regular, day-to-day thing (albeit, less maniacally than today); but regarding stocks, the PPT – officially, the “President’s Working Group on Financial Markets” – was still utilized more for “emergency situations” than “day to day operations.”

Why Aren’t These Investors Worried About The Gold Price?

By: Jeff Clark, (March 27th, 2015)
Have you noticed that some gold investors don’t seem very concerned about the current behavior of gold?
While the price remains weak and range-bound, some gold investors don’t seem worried about it at all.
The natural reaction to an asset you own losing a third of its value, with seemingly little motivation to move higher, is cheerless and maybe even depressing. So why aren’t they?
Are they out of touch? Perhaps have nothing at stake? Are they the kind of investors that would go down with the ship?
Or do they know something we don’t?

Market Report: FOMC Minutes Turned The Tide

By: Alasdair Macleod, (March 27th, 2015)
Following the release of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes last week, gold and silver have come alive, the gold price rising from a low of $1147 on 18th March to $1200 this morning and silver from $15.46 to $17.00, 4% and 10% increases respectively.

Our Financial Market Are ALL Connected, NONE Will Be Spared — The Deviant Investor

By: (March 26th, 2015)
Gary Christenson of The Deviant Investor joins the podcast to discuss the impending economic collapse of the US economy and the demise of the Dollar.
Quoting a recent blog entry by Bill Holter, Christenson says, “What we have coming is a collapse of everything we have worked for and everything we’ve built and saved over our lifetimes and that of our ancestors.”
Gary’s empirical model for precious metals suggests a $10,000 price for gold by 2021 and that’s IF the Dollar doesn’t collapse by that time and IF we don’t hit hyperinflation first. In those two scenarios the price for gold could easily rise orders of magnitude higher than $10,000 per ounce when priced is Dollars.

Further Downside on Gold Prices Limited – CPM

By: Lawrence Williams, (March 26th, 2015)
This time of year usually sees the release of three major analytical reports on the gold market – from CPM in the USA and from Metals Focus and GFMS in the UK – and CPM’s Jeff Christian kindly let me have a copy of the former’s analysis which was released earlier this week.
The CPM Gold Yearbook comprises over 250 pages, mostly of statistics and comment, some of which most will agree with whether from the bullish or bearish factor of gold followers, whereas other elements may raise the hackles, particularly of the gold ultra bulls for whom Christian and his team are bêtes noires – primarily because Christian is an adamant anti-gold price manipulation standard bearer, and is prepared to defend his position right in the lion’s den on occasions.

What’s Wrong With Silver?

By: Gary Christenson, (March 25th, 2015)
Which silver? Paper silver or real silver?
Silver prices are largely set on the COMEX futures – paper silver. A company can post the margin and sell short thousands of contracts with no actual metal available thereby creating artificial supply. The reverse occurs when some company buys thousands of contracts. It is a paper game, but unfortunately it has tremendous influence on the price of real silver.

IMPORTANT GOLD CHART: Every Investor In The West Needs To See

By: Steve St. Angelo, (March 25th, 2015)
The Western powers are in serious trouble. The once great British Anglo-American Empire, the envy of the world, now resembles more of a phony Hollywood Set backed by a mountain of worthless derivatives and debt. The only thing holding up the Western Financial Empire’s House of Cards is faith that market will continue to believe increasing debt and monetary printing are practical solutions for long-term prosperity.

Precious Metals Video Market Update

By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT (March 25th, 2015)
Here are some key levels to watch in Gold & Silver and the HUI Gold Bugs index. Also, the key ratios to watch during the rally and why.


By: Bill Holter, (March 25th, 2015)
Gold and silver probed their November 2014 lows early last week and finished strong. From a chart standpoint, they both put in outside reversal weeks to the upside. I’d like to visit the current “setup” in gold and silver from several angles and then take a step back and look at them from a very broad view.

Gold Price Could be Driven Higher by Panic Demand - Alasdair Macleod

By: Greg Hunter, (March 25th, 2015)
When will the Chinese make their next big move? Financial expert Alasdair Macleod says, “Their style is not to go in and disrupt markets. They act very, very quietly. You would hardly know they are there. This is certainly how they have handled their acquisition of gold. I don’t think they would want to be blamed for destabilizing western capital markets. What could happen is if we set a chain of events going that would lead to our own demise, then the Chinese would protect themselves. There is so little gold left in western vaults now . . . anything that changes the really sunny outlook for bonds equities and all the rest of it . . . and for people to realize that people don’t have any gold, that could drive the price sharply higher because there is not enough gold for us to buy. The stocks are very, very low, and anybody who comes into the market is going to have to bid it up to get it.”

Why Technical Chart Followers Just Missed The Bottom for Gold and Silver and Why Prices Are Going Up

By: Peter Cooper, (March 25th, 2015)
Did you every meet anybody who got rich by following the technical charts? In truth it is only the patterns drawn after the event that have more than a 50:50 predictive power. To be generous the repetition of patterns over time makes the true success rate a little better than that but maybe not after paying commissions. Brokers love charts for a reason.
On that skeptical note ArabianMoney would therefore be wary about following the chartists who opine that the bottom is not yet in the market for gold and silver. Unfortunately for them nobody has ever informed these monetary metals that they are required to conform to the Elliott Wave theory or whatever.

China Gold Demand Ups When Price Dips

By: Lawrence Williams, (March 23rd, 2015)
Week 10 saw gold withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange at an impressive 51 tonnes bringing the total for the year to March 13 to a shade under 508 tonnes. Thus it looks as if Q1 withdrawals are heading for somewhere around 600 tonnes plus or minus. This compares with around 564 tonnes in Q1 2014 – the highest Q1 figure recorded to date. In 2013, which turned out to be a record full year for SGE withdrawals, the Q1 figure was only 463 tonnes, but 2013 figures soared from April onwards when a very sharp gold price drop stimulated huge Chinese demand – largely satisfied by outflows from the West’s big gold ETFs. The early March downturn in the gold price this year may thus have seen increased buying by Chinese consumers yet again.


By: (March 23rd, 2015)
The biggest concern of all investors is the Debt Bomb! We’ve NEVER seen anything like the dire situation we now face. This according to David Morgan whose new book The Silver Manifesto is a must read, comprehensive tome about all things silver. In this interview we discuss some of the major takeaways from the first five chapters of the book authored by Morgan and Chris Marchese. This is a book every silver bug will want to own, it’s one of the best ways to understand the history of silver as real money – and an ideal way of handing down and preserving this knowledge and important history for future generations.

Gold Market Update

By: Clive P. Maund, (March 23rd, 2015)
The immediate outlook for gold has improved dramatically following the dollar's topping action of recent days after the Fed was rumbled, and the vast improvement in the COT structure of the past 2 weeks. While the negative outlook set out in the last update could yet come to pass in the event of a deflationary implosion - and remains a risk until gold breaks out of the downtrend shown here on our 8-year chart - latest COTs certainly suggest that the risk has been averted for now. In anticipation of the dollar reversing after the Fed meeting, we liquidated our PM sector short positions for a profit on the site and reversed to long, and the way things are shaping up we won't need to close our long positions for a while.

Silver Market Update

By: Clive P. Maund, (March 23rd, 2015)
Silver showed impressive resilience on the latest dollar rally, refusing to break to new lows, and with the dollar signaling that its huge rally is burning out, and gold's COTs now strongly bullish, the outlook for silver is suddenly a lot better. While the bearish scenario painted in the last update is still a possibility that could become reality in the event that we spiral into a deflationary implosion, right now with the dollar faltering, the picture for silver is brightening fast.

Next Crash Already Started - Bix Weir

By: Greg Hunter, (March 23rd, 2015)
Bix Weir of says, “I do believe it will be this year that they end the manipulation and end this monetary system. . . . . You can see it happening already in Europe. It won’t take long when the Greeks say okay Germany, we are done with you. . . . That whole system will go down, and that will come to the United States. If you have a crash of the system, you will have a crash of the banks. You can’t have one of the big banks go down, because they are all interconnected, and have everybody else stay fine. That is where the disappearance of the dollar will be. . . . This time, they will not be able to stop it because the United States wants the system to crash to get us out of this mess, and we can start fresh again.”

Gold And Silver – China’s AIIB Spells “Dollar” Demise, Not Clear For PMs

By: Michael Noonan, (March 21st, 2015)
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank [AIIB]. What is it? Yet another political disaster for the Obama administration as it leaves a wide swath of blunder after blunder in massively failed efforts to keep US allies from aligning with China’s newest anti-US, anti- fiat Federal Reserve “dollar, AIIB. It will not just compete with the World Bank, a US- dominated financial entity, the AIIB will logically replace the World Bank in its own Asian sphere of influence.
Obama is pissed, a crass way to express his sentiment but an apt word choice for a crass politician with virtually no international diplomatic skills, and the AIIB amply exemplifies how true this is. The US continues to become more and more isolated through its ongoing war drums beating incessantly as the only viable solution the US has to offer.

Whoever Owns The Gold, Makes The Rules - Craig Hemke, TFMetals Report

By: (March 21st, 2015)
Over the next twenty-four months I believe we are going to see the golden rule reassert itself on the global stage. Anyone that has been paying attention has witnessed a "hoovering-up" of gold by the Eastern countries, in particular China and India. Recently, we have also seen the emergence of China being much more vocal about currencies, global trade and the flow of products. It is no secret that China is the worlds manufacturing hub and being in that position should give one an advantage to see just how the global market place functions.
On March 20, 2015 the "New" London Gold Fix was launched. From what I can tell, the only thing "new" about it is the word "new". Same criminal bullion banks making decisions regarding golds price for the day.

Gold and Silver Erase 2015 Losses and Set to Rebound as The US Dollar Falls to Reflect The Coming Recession

By: Peter Cooper, (March 21st, 2015)
Gold closed at $1,184 an ounce and silver jumped almost five per cent to finish the week at $16.88, erasing previous losses for the year and probably marking an end of the downtrend that has dogged the precious metals sector for over three years. Dollar weakness is the new reason to be cheerful for the goldbugs.
Was Friday the important reversal day? Certainly it marked a bounce off recent lows and not a further breakdown for precious metals. It could well be a breakout rather than the breakdown predicted by some chartists. Technical analysis is not an exact science. How many investors have you met who became rich following the charts?

Market Report: FOMC is Boxed In

By: Alasdair Macleod, (March 20th, 2015)
It appears the Fed is boxed in, and raising the Fed funds rate would probably only serve to increase excess reserves. If so, the Fed would have to shell out interest payments to the banks at a rate it really cannot afford, given its own balance sheet is geared over 70 times. Markets seem to be slow to understand this problem: if the Fed is unable to raise interest rates (i.e. the Fed funds rate) the dollar itself is at risk.
The immediate effect on precious metal prices was to turn them sharply higher, and Open Interest on Comex has continued to climb. Gold was up a net $16 on the week and silver $0.55. Oversold currencies bounced strongly, but gave back most of their gains yesterday. The set-up is now for a bear squeeze in gold and silver, with the Managed Money category on Comex somewhat short.

Gold is Going to Take Over From The US Dollar as The Next Favorite Currency for Speculators

By: Peter Cooper, (March 20th, 2015)
The US dollar has topped out with its spectacular recent spike followed by a five per cent crash on Wednesday. That’s the conclusion of HSBC today, although something like the bankruptcy of Greece could still push the euro underwater again. So where do currency speculators turn to next for a momentum trade?
There’s an increasing number of professional money managers who think it will be gold which has been trading more like a currency than a commodity recently. If the dollar is no longer king then gold looks like a worthy successor.

DOLLAR FLASH CRASH: A Harbinger of Things To Come?

By: (March 20th, 2015)
On Wednesday, March 18, 2015 the U.S. Dollar experienced an unprecedented ‘flash crash’ shortly after the market close, losing nearly 5% of its value in a matter of moments. When a currency falls 5% in a single day it’s a noteworthy event, but when the world’s reserve currency plummets 5% in an algo-induced flash crash it’s downright frightening. Is it a harbinger of very bad things to come? Andy Hoffman joins us to discuss.

Silver May Bottom This Year, With Meaningful Gains Next

By: Lawrence Williams, (March 19th, 2015)
Analysts at precious metals consultancy Metals Focus see the silver price bottoming by late in the current year, but falling back further in the interim. This is tied in with what the consultancy sees as the prospects for the gold price over the period and suggests the much-followed Gold:Silver ratio will remain between 70 and 75 over the course of 2015. It does however see what it terms as the possibility for ‘meaningful gains’ in 2016.

The Titanic Sinks At Dawn

By: Gary Christenson, (March 19th, 2015)
The titanic creation of paper assets such as bonds, currencies, and stocks has created substantial risk. That risk has spilled over into the crude oil, gold and silver markets since they are strongly influenced by the paper derivative markets – paper contracts for crude oil, paper gold, and paper silver. Leverage and derivatives magnify risk. The instability will eventually create a second version of the 2008 recession/depression.

Financial System Will Collapse Just a Matter of When-Laurence Kotlikoff

By: Greg Hunter, (March 19th, 2015)
Renowned economist Laurence Kotlikoff recently testified at the U.S. Senate about the runaway U.S. budget. How bad is it? Kotlikoff says, “I told them the real (2014) deficit was $5 trillion, not the $500 billion or $300 billion or whatever it was announced to be this year. Almost all the liabilities of the government are being kept off the books by bogus accounting. . . . The government is 58% underfinanced . . . . Social Security is 33% underfinanced . . . . So, the entire government enterprise is in worse fiscal shape than Social Security is, but they are both in terrible shape.” So, how much is America on the hook for in the future? Kotlikoff contends, “If you take all the expenditures that the government is expected to make, as projected by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), all the spending on defense, repairing the roads, paying for the Supreme Court Justices’ salaries, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, everything and take all those expenditures into the future . . . and compare that to all the taxes that are projected to come in, and the difference is $210 trillion. That’s the fiscal gap. That’s our true debt.”

Pretty Sure THIS is What a Ponzi Looks Like!!!

By: Chris Hamilton, (March 18th, 2015)
The following is an attempt to explain the mechanics of what appears to be a Ponzi supporting the US asset bubble, interest rates, and very likely the dollar. However, if you like your Ponzi, stop reading here, no hard feelings...If you are still reading, then you are going down the rabbit hole.

Gold Prices Will Bounce Back as The Fed Dare Not Even Hint at an Interest Rate Rise or Even If It Does

By: Peter Cooper, (March 18th, 2015)
What will happen to the US dollar if the Federal Reserve so much as hints at an interest rate rise in its statement later today? It will surge higher. That’s the last thing the slowing US economy needs. A massive slump in housing starts last month was just the latest indicator of a slowing economy.
US housing starts plunged 17 per cent to their lowest level in a year in February due to bad weather, a strong dollar, weaker overseas growth and a now-settled labor dispute at West Coast ports. Every data point that the Fed will study today, apart from the flawed jobs data, is turning down from new orders to industrial output and automobile production. The $42-a-barrel low for WTI crude tells its own story.

Our DISTORTED FASCIST Economic Reality is Dire — Gregory Mannarino

By: (March 18th, 2015)
Gregory Mannarino from Trader’s Choice joins me to shine a very bright light on our DISTORTED and FASCIST economic reality, which at this point, even for those who still have decent jobs, is very dire. We are living in a FEAR based economy where workers are either scared they are going to lose their jobs, or terrified because they already have. Meanwhile, the Pentagon coffers are flush with more than .50 cents from every tax dollar collected, while Wall Street enjoys $172,000 bonus checks. As Gregory aptly puts it, “it’s game over’ for the US economy.
If you dear reader are still gainfully employed, God Bless, but please prepare for what may be coming. And if you are one of the MILLIONS who is now unemployed or underemployed, double God Bless. We are all in this mess together.

The End is Kind of Nigh

By: Bill Bonner, (March 17th, 2015)
Today, I’m going to tell you about the end of the world. Not the end of the world exactly. But the end of the fiat money system President Nixon gave birth to in 1971… when he cut the dollar loose from gold.
And it may feel like the end of the world, because of the social chaos it will provoke. What follows is taken from a speech I gave at Doug Casey’s La Estancia de Cafayate …

Does China Have An Option?

By: Bill Holter, (March 17th, 2015)
As an addendum to yesterday’s writing, today we should tie together the new alliances and what appears to be Western defections toward the East. Just overnight, Australia also applied for membership to the AIIB, a U.S. rebuke is sure to follow, who is next? With this in mind, it is my belief the Chinese will be the key player in the gold market and the “pricing” of gold in the future. In turn they will gain even more financial strength because of the massive amounts they have already accumulated. As a side note, do you believe it is by mistake China is now the largest gold producer in the world? I think not. I will give you my theory first, then work my way toward supporting it.

Why Goldman Sachs Is Wrong About Commodity Prices: Philip Richards

By: JT Long, The Mining Report (March 17th, 2015)
Goldman Sachs delivered a dire commodities outlook earlier this year, but RAB Capital Founder Philip Richards still sees compelling buying opportunities. In this interview with The Mining Report, Richards discusses his outlook for oil, gold, vanadium, zinc and nickel, and profiles companies with projects that will see the light of day even in harsh price environments. A few of these names have doubled in stock value in recent months, and still others look poised to deliver multiple returns on investment.

Gold Is A "Financial Nuclear Weapon" - Alasdair MacLeod

By: Elijah Johnson, (March 16th, 2015)
- How will the change in London gold fix affect the physical gold market?
- China to control the gold market.
- Gold is a "financial nuclear weapon".
- Will the Euro currency survive?

Simple Home Tests to Determine Whether Your Bullion Is Real or Fake

By: Clint Siegner, (March 16th, 2015)
Just about all bullion investors worry about counterfeits. Those concerns are magnified when someone is buying for the first time. Stories about fake coins from Asia and gold bars drilled and filled with Tungsten have been in the headlines recently. But the truth is, counterfeiting is just about as old as the concept of money itself.

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